Monday, November 1, 2010

The 13 days of Halloween

Yes, we got all 13 activities in, even with a cruise the week before Halloween. We had a blast this year. Here is the official list, some with pictures, some without but that said, still tons of pictures:
13- Gingerbread Haunted House (already pictures posted)
12- Treehouse Museum (again with the pictures)
11- Halloween Art Projects
We painted sun catchers and colored felt pictures
10- Witches Breakfast
Awesome fun with my awesome family

9- Spooky Story Telling
Everyone in the family picked a children's story to tell. Then we shared them outside while eating smores
8- School Parties
7- Dance Class Halloween Party (Reed is lacking shoes because he's headed to tumbling)

6- Cookie Baking

5- Hill Air Force Base Party, Shy got 2nd in the costume contest and Reed got his picture taken for the base paper

4- Trunk-or-Treat
3- Halloween Carnival
I have this weird issue about face painting but the lady just painted a cute little sheep so she wouldn't lose it anymore. Iwas good with that :)

2- Trick -or- Treating (In the Rain!)

1- Carving Pumpkins
We did this on Sunday. We had to do something for the real Halloween!!!
Reed's (of course)



Lindsey said...

I am impressed with those pumpkins! It was fun going to those things with you guys!

Rhiannon said...

Wow what a halloweeny October. You're so good to your kids . . . oh ya, it's just as much for you! Glad you had a great time!