Thursday, November 4, 2010


Shydra is such an unusual child. If we threw away all her toys save her crayons, markers and paper, she would be just fine. The other day she wrote a book that had over 30 pages, and five chapters. There was one little illustration on each page, the rest was text. The back cover was an "about the author" page. It even said "written by: Shydra Willaims, illustrated by: Shydra Williams." The most amazing thing about her story was that it made sense. It had plot, a beginning/middle/end, and even a moral! Her teacher lets her read her books to the class when she finishes them but I told her to keep this one since it takes so long to read. After she wrote her previous book, Mrs. Baer asked Shy if she could borrow it to take to UEA conference. I made Shy promise me some of the money she will make on her books some day. She is also really into coloring. She entered a Halloween Coloring contest at a local Super Market. They called yesterday to let us know she won for her age group. As a mom, there is nothing more rewarding then seeing your children get appreciated for their hard work. And even though her toys sit in her box collecting dust, her markers work over-time. We love you little Shy!

Here she is with the manager. She won a gift card, a treat, and her picture framed

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Rhiannon said...

Wow that's impressive! She might have to let me read a story or two!