Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Eric and I had so much fun on the cruise. We wanted to go by ourselves for a few reasons. We are celebrating 10 years in June, we also wanted to make sure Shy got to school, voice, dance, and tumbling and Reed made it to school and tumbling. It was so great to have family who would watch the kids for us. Rhiannon even came and taught my classes, THANKS!!! We had so much fun together but I was very ready to be home at the end as well. I made up these groups of pictures for a scrapbook:
I love this guy. I'm so lucky that he is so involved in this family. It was great to spend the week, just the two of us.
In Cabo, we went para sailing. I was so amazing. That really is us but I had to take my old bridge camera since I really didn't want my new camera to find its way to the bottom of the ocean.
We also went snorkeling in Cabo San Lucus. It was by far the coolest part of the trip. The water was clear and beautiful and there were hundreds of fish. Wow!
In Ensenda we went shopping and found lots of fun stuff for the kids. I also found the three giant heads that I danced in front of when I took from N&B!

I now need a vacation from my vacation but it was amazing.


Ashley said...

What an awesome way to celebrate your "almost" 10 year anniversary! I'm just a little bit jealous. Okay, a lot. How great to get away for the week! You work so hard, you totally deserve it.

Rhiannon said...

k still a little jealous!!