Sunday, October 11, 2009

On the Thirteenth Day of Halloween

We went to the Haunted Heber Creeper on Friday night with Eric's family. Afterwards almost everyone came up for another party for our boys. The party was a lot of fun. We just hung out and partied. We wanted to give a big thanks to those who came. We really appreciate it!

The Heber Creeper Halloween was advertised as 'kid friendly' but I don't know that it fit that description but it was a ton of fun. On the way up the canyon they told spooky ghosts stories and out the window you could see the stories played out along the track. That part was fun for everyone. Then while the train stopped to turn around, all the spooks got on the train! Most were okay but some would get right in you face and scream. Shy was pretty brave, Reed was okay as long as he had he's sword and shield. He even took a swing at a couple of characters! It was our little niece, Laelia (Ryan's little girl) who is only 16 months old that was really terrified. She is the cutest little thing and it was so sad to hear her screaming. I think the rest of it was pretty fun though! Shy got home and asked what is the next thing for Halloween?


Devin and Lindsey said...

That sounds like a lot of fun!! Poor little baby who was so scared. I'm glad Reed fought the ghosts off with his weapons. Cute Cute!

Rhiannon said...

Fun and scary! I love the quote of the day!

Jeff and Jerri said...

Isn't Max going to be a Dragon? I'll have to keep an eye on Prince Phillip.