Friday, October 16, 2009

Crazy October

I should have explained my last blog title. I decided I wanted to do 13 fun things for Halloween throughout October with the kids since I just love to see them having fun. So this week we had Halloween days 12, 11, and 10. It has been such a crazy month, we have had so many other things going on as well. Here are some of the happenings:
On Monday we took the kids for a spooky walk around the neighborhood at night. It was really funny to hear their little imaginations at work. We didn't have to do anything, they scared themselves just fine!

This month, they are both taking swimming lessons at the local pool. They seem to be having fun and Shy is swimming a little bit on her own. It sure is a stress to get them there twice a week and with such super blond hair, we've had a hard time keeping it from turning green.

Tuesday, we made our yearly Halloween gingerbread house. Usually it is a "Shy and Mom" project but Reed helped out this year. It was messy but tons on fun!
On Thursday, it was crazy hair day at school. After school we had to run some errands around town. Afterwards she said, "Mom you messed up. It was suppose to be crazy hair day and everyone says I'm cute. It wasn't cute hair day!" Silly me!
Finally, we went to the Ogden Treehouse Museum's presentation of "Enchanted Woods." This has to be the cutest Halloween thing I've seen for kids (and trust me, I've seen a few!) They took the kids to different parts of the museum and had story book characters tell stories. At each station they gave them a little prize that fit the story. Everyone was so good with kids. Before it started they gave out coloring books and crayons so they were entertained while waiting. Best part, it was so cheap and the parents were free. I think we will be back here next year!

Shy with "Baby Bear" who was the hostess for the event!

The kids with the "Cousin to the the three little pigs" and "The Nice Wolf"

Reed and the farmer from the "Peter Rabbit Story" I know I should know his name, oh well!
Wow, it makes me tired just looking back on our week, but I would do it again! :)


Kemarie said...

her hair looks so cute!!! and Reed looks thrilled to meet the pig and wolf!

Rhiannon said...

Ok you guys are having way too much fun! I love Shy's hair!