Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Birthday Boys

This year was a fun birthday for my boys. On the same day that Reed turned three, Eric turned thirty. Shy tried to tell Eric that means that next year Reed will be four and Eric will be forty but he didn't seem to like that idea! We had a great couple of days and the fun is just beginning. On Monday, My Parents, Kemarie, Devin, Lindsey, and Max came up for a surprise birthday party. I guess a surprise for Reed, not Eric. Eric took the kids to swimming lessons while everyone helped me set up. Then when Reed walked upstairs, we yelled, "surprise" and his little face went bright red and he ran and hid in the kitchen. After the shock, we had a great party. We played a game and Reed got some great presents. He slept with his transformers (not the most comfortable sleeping toy), shoot me in the face all morning with his batman shooter, and helped his dad fix things in the garage. Thanks for coming and happy birthday boys!

Thanks Grandma Great!!!

Since his party was on Monday, Eric and I gave him his bike on tuesday so he would have something on his real birthday. Following tradition, Eric got his present a long time before his actual birthday, more wood (heavy sigh).
Notice the safty glasses. He thought maybe he would need those on his bike!


Kemarie said...

those goggles are awesome with the bike!

. said...

PLEASE tell me where you got the CARS cake and the banner on the wall. We watch CARS like million times a day!! What is funny is Saige is obsessed too! I made vinyl for their wall and yes Lighting McQueen and Mater were on both!

Lindsey said...

It was fun to celebrate with you guys! Cool bike reed! Happy Birthday!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday to both!

Rhiannon said...

We are so sad we missed it! Looks like you had tons of fun. I love the googles and tell Shy I think her dad turning 40 next year is a great idea. Then I won't be the oldest anymore!