Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Great Moms!

So I got some encouraging words from a guy in our bishopric about a month ago and I wanted to share it with everyone. We were outside and I was helping Eric build a bed for the kids Halloween pictures, when he and his wife walked by. I was really embarrassed because I was thinking about Halloween in August and making it such a big deal, but then he said, "Never be embarrassed about making memories with your kids. All too soon they are gone." That meant so much to me so I thought I would pass it on. I love looking at everyone’s blogs and all the memories everyone is making and just wanted you guys all to know how great you are! When I went to do my Tuesday Volunteering at Shy's school today, I helped one little girl type in her password to use the computer. She kept asking what all the letters were and then she said, "My mom is always too tired to help me, so I don't know my letters and numbers." It was so sad. So again, great job all you moms for making memories and doing the best you can with your kids!

Anyway, I took some pictures of my brother's baby at his first birthday (I will let them post those) and while I was there I took a couple of pictures of my kids. I just love these two and all the memories we make together.


Ashley said...

Well put. Thanks for the great pick-me-up. It was definitely needed today! :)

Lindsey said...

Their eyes look even more blue against that blanket! So cute! Thanks again for taking the birthday pics! I love that story!!

Kemarie said...

i know there eyes are like ice blue!