Thursday, May 1, 2008

Good bye old friend!

Its taken months to get up the courage. First we thought December then we didn't want to worry about it over Christmas. Then week by week we found an excuse to postpone the inevitable. But tonight we did it:


He's been in love with his "Duh-Duh" (no idea where the name came from) since he was a tiny baby. Taking it away has had a wierd effect. It took him only ten min to go to sleep but it was Shy who woke up crying. "I wish Reed was a tiny baby again. Why does he have to grow up so fast!" She says. Who knew it would be Shy having the problem with taking away Reed's binky?!


Rhiannon said...

The binki's gone!?! Good job. I'm really nervous about trying that. How is naptime going? I laughed again, outloud, at Shy's quote of the day!

Dani said...

Hi guys! Cute blog. Can I add you to my favorites? Let me know what your email is and I will invite you to view my blog.

Autumn said...

Hi Dede! I saw your link on Rhiannon's page and had to look! Such darling kids! My blog is private, if you would like an invite send me an email or give me or email address! I am guessing I will have the problem with getting rid of the binki too! I am so lucky both of my babies love their binki, with twins it's a lifesaver!