Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Eric and I have been married almost 7 years now, and its gone by really fast. Here's a little re-cap of the last 3/4 decade:

College years: I graduated from WWCC in 2001 with two associate degrees, one in dance and one in musical theatre. I then went on to get my bachelors at Weber State in PR with a minor in Dance. After returning from his mission Eric went a few years at Weber but finished up at Utah State with a degree in Computer Engineering.

Children: Shydra Willimas is 4 going on 15. She is enrolled in a local pre-school and can't get enough. She also goes to a dance class once a week and when she's not in her own world, she does great! Her interests include Braxton (a boy from next door who is attached to her hip), reading, and talking us to death! Reed Williams was born on his daddy's birthday a year and a half ago. His interests include driving us crazy, climbing up too high for his own good, and making a million different faces! He is a complete mama's boy and loves being outside.


Rhiannon said...

It looks great! I'm looking forward to reading your quotes from your very imaginative, very silly daughter!

vickersfam said...

You've got such a beautiful family and cute blog! How exciting that you're opening your own dance studio. Has that been a dream of yours? I love keeping in touch with old friends through blogging, so thanks for inviting me!
Love, Natalie Hill Vickers

Brasher family said...

Hi Dede! I have wondered about you too. I'm glad you have a blog! You have SUCH a cute little family! Things look like they are great for you guys! It's really fun to be able to keep in touch with people this way! I will have to tell Lacy about your page, so she can see you too. I am going to add you on my blog! Oh, and you look great too!! So good to hear from you!

Jeannie said...

Hey how are you? You have such a cute family. I keep running on to peoples blogs it is so fun to see people and there families that you haven't seen in years. Hey does Amber have a blog if she does will you let me know! Thanks Jeannie