Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My remake of an old 80's mirror

Just after we moved into our other house 7 years ago my parents got a new bedroom set and so they gave us their old one that they had purchased in Flagstaff.  It was nice to have something other then just a bed but when we moved into this house we bought ourselves our dream bedroom set.  Eric's sister wanted the bottom part of the old bed and we are keeping the side parts for later projects.  But the set had this big, nice if not slightly outdated mirror.  Over spring break I decided to spruce it up a bit.  Here is what I did and the results:

Plain old 80's mirror

First I filled in the gaps with spackle.  Most important, the frame needed some texture to go with the rest of my house.  I traced a design I had made with pencil.  I filled up a disposable baking, decorating bag with wood glue and followed my shapes.  We discovered the glue works best cold (if it gets warm it just runs everywhere and doesn't keep its shape.  I then taped the mirror and spray painted it.

I wanted to add the illusion of a mat so I went on line and order some white backsplash tile.  I applied them with some E600 glue making sure I only got glue on the bottom of each tile since the top of the back would be reflected in the mirror.


And since I was going to put it in my dinning room, I added bling.  I wanted the white tile with bling to match my white quartz counters with sparkle in my kitchen.

Finished project!

(I have to thank Eric for hanging it.  Its very heavy, what would I do with out him!) 

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