Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy New Year

What, is it February already? Sheesh.  I just looked and its been 2 months since I posted anything, so since I am home with two sick kids today I thought I would flip on a show for them and update my blog (finally). 

So what have we been up to, well DIY of course but I will save that for the end so that my blog doesn't turn into a "home improvement blog" too much.

To start with, my kids love AFV, much to my disappointment.  I find the show terribly annoying.  So most of the time they watch it while I'm at dance class.  Reed had a tooth that was slightly wiggly.  Can you see where I'm going?  They saw a bit where the kids tied the wiggly tooth to a remote control car and drove it away.  The two of them waited until I was downstairs and Eric was in the garage and tried it out for themselves.  Apparently, Reed tried to back out at the last minute so he yanked his hear away but the tooth stayed.  So my baby has officially lost his first tooth.  We have since pulled out a second but the story was not as good.

Don't get me started on "Elf on the Shelf!" Being the only family in the world that doesn't have a little elf visit us through the Christmas season has been the culprit behind many "life's not fair" tears at our house.  I explained that Dec is a very busy time  . . . for our Elf and that maybe he just doesn't have time to come.  No good.  So one month before Valentine's a little "Love Monster" showed up to create mischief and bring games, craft, and prizes.  Oh mom guilt, got to love it.

Again with the mom guilt, I made homemade Valentine's for Shy's first preschool party and it is now expected.  Reed requested Dolphins and Shy has baby owls to go with her mama owl.  This is why I don't have time to blog. (That plus working and another play) 

Ignore the crazy face.  This is his new smile, what a kid.

Now onto the DIY.  My sister-in-law once told me that Eric and I need to host our own show on HGTV but maybe this blog will have to suffice :)  Wainscoting has been on the list since day one.  I guess you could say we don't like a cookie cuter house, we want our house uniquely ours.  And when you can do a project yourself for mere fractions of the cost, why not?  Poor Eric had the flu the whole time so we had to take breaks in between his drugs kicking in but we manage to finish over the long weekend.
Since the wainscoting sticks off the wall almost an inch, we had to replace the molding around the door.  We could have just made them thicker but where is the fun in that.  We added fluting, a cap, and a key stone to a handful of doors in the house.

We took it around the formal sitting room and the entry way.  It seemed like a good idea until paint,  I don't mind painting but I hate all the prep work, blah!

Reed pulled off all the base board.  We find if we let him demolish the things we want, he doesn't demolish the things we don't want  (as much).

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