Sunday, April 29, 2012

Major changes in the Williams house

We have had a whirlwind couple of months.  First off, we are officially homeless.  We have been hesitant to share the news until everything was official.  Our house sold 14 days after we put it on the market.  They wanted to close at the end of April which worked perfect for us with the dance studio.  So on April 25th, we said goodbye to our awesome house of 6 years in hopes of something better in the future.  We are living in Limbo with the help of some great relatives.  Our new house will be done, hopefully, in August.  We really love what it is turning out to be and hope it will be the house of our dreams.

Reed has been playing soccer and he is so cute and gets better every time he plays.  If only he had a little focus :)

Shy dropped a giant rock on her foot and the rock shattered into 4 pieces but her ankle was completely in tack.  She does hobble around still a little.

The Easter bunny had a hard time finding places to hide things since everything is in storage but the kids had fun none the less.

Finally, Eric took off the top part of his finger with his router.  I would show pictures of the actual cut, but it looks like franken-finger and is a little gross to look at.  This is a pictures with the kids and their paper towel sympathy wraps.

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Rhi said...

When put it all into one post, I wonder how you got it all done! I'm glad we aren't the only one's in the fam who are homeless now!