Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentine's 2012

Oh what do I get myself into.  Last year, Reed asked me if he could have anything he wanted for his Valentine's box for Preschool.  I said sure.  After months of deliberation, he decided on Bowser, from Mario Bros.  I thought that might take a little bit of effort but it just one box once a year.  So a couple of weeks ago we get a note from his teacher telling us that they will be making the bags at school instead (this year).  Our Reed was heartbroken.  So what am I to do.  Well 7 hours, 2 adults (yes, I recruited Eric) and 3 burnt fingers later, we made 12 Bowser Valentines for his class, teacher, and of course himself from sweetart boxes.  Wow I guess I am 'that' mom.  Shy's Valentine's turned out really cute too but she is so crafty that she came up with the idea then sat and made them by herself.  Thank you Shy!

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