Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Reed is in his second year of preschool.  He now goes three times a week which seems like way to much for my baby.  Since his birthday is in October, he is the tallest and oldest kid in his whole class. He makes the 3-year-olds look like babies!  Its weird to see him in that position.  He does so good at school.  He loves counting and math.  He is also reading really well and finally started to color but sill hates it.  He never wants to go but has a huge smile on his face when he leaves.  He is just such a home body, he would always rather be home.  I hope this year is really long because I'm not ready for him and kindergarten.

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Rhi said...

Oh stop growing up Reed! You look too big! Have a great year at preschool!!