Sunday, May 8, 2011

Welcome to May!

I love how the weather is changing, my flowers are coming in, and the approach of summer coming closer and closer. What I don't love is how everything is piled into the month of May. This last week our little family ran from thing to thing as we tried to balance everything. I'm taking my Mother's Day Break to, what else, do 'Mom' things like updating my blog about our month so far.

Easter: I took like three pictures of Easter. We had a lot of fun with my family coming up Easter morning, but didn't document it much :)

Preschool Program: Reed has his Preschool program this week. He was so cute even if he thought the person next to him was more interesting then his teacher or that his hat looked better upside down or that doing a silly dance instead of singing the words was more fun! That's our Reed

Class Star: Shy got to do her Class Start this week. She got to tell all about her poster and pictures. Then on Friday we got to go and help her share her fairy tell, 'Princess and the Pea." We also helped the kids make a fabric/picture collage and play a 'who's the real prince/princess' game.


Ashley said...

May always seems busy, but I love it. There's nothing better than school activities, and the anticipation of summer break. (I don't care how old I am, I still get excited.)

Shy's poster turned out fantastic!

Rhi said...

Oh that's our Reed . . . and we love it!

Adam and Annie Fox said...

Wow and i thought WE were busy;) I decided you totally need to take our family pics! I love all the pics on there! I ll have to talk to you about this! :)