Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Teacher's Gifts

I took a couple of free hours this weekend to make the kid's teacher a gift. I made a Candy 'Bar'quet for each of them.
I used my Slice Elite to make flowers for each of the candy bars, making sure to circle a letter on each one.
Then I took those letters to make a poem about the teachers.
I filled in the rest of the space with extra flowers and swirls. I finished by using ribbon and die cuts to decorate the buckets. Shy's teacher is Mrs. Baer, so of course, I had to use a bear!
It was a nice change of pace for my otherwise crazy month. ~10 days till the recital~


Ashley said...

Okay, I feel jipped. I never got any teacher gifts that cute! Great job!

Rhi said...

Wow! I know who to call when i need an idea!

Lara said...

That is amazing. And a lot of work. So cute.