Sunday, September 19, 2010

Go Shy!

Shy had her cheerleading performance on Saturday. She did a cute job but we were unimpressed with those in charge. The older girls got to do tumbling and all Shy's group got to do was a front roll, not even a cartwheel!! We are glad its over since last week felt completely overbooked with dance, cheer, voice and tumbling. Shy felt a little overwhelmed and we missed seeing her. Half-way through the dance the football players came out on the field and blocked our view, but here are some of the pictures we got.

I missed her kick during the performance so I made her do one on the side lines. I missed her toe touch too, it was the best on on the field (including 14 year olds!)
Reed spending time with his friend at the game.

In this pictures with Shy is her good friend, they were so cute but should have been put in the class with the older girls.


Lindsey said...

shy did great! she and ashlyn were the best ones there!

Rhiannon said...

What a kick! I wish I would have seen the toe touch! What a cute cheerleader!