Sunday, September 12, 2010

First Day of Pre K

Reed's first day of Preschool was on Wed. He was really sad at first to learn that they wouldn't let him take his Bumble Bee backpack. Instead the teacher gave them each a bag to decorate. So the two of us sat down on the computer and made a design featuring all of his favorite things (fighting dragons, Mario, his sister, frogs, ghosties, transformers, Disney's Cars, Quin the quail, Buzz Lightyear, and Computer games.) It made him feel better. In fact Shydra came home asking if next time she can make her own bag like Reed. He really loves going and his teacher is really good with kids. She use to be a kindergarten teacher so she knows how to get them ready. I'm most looking forward to Monday mornings when I will have two hours to myself!!! He goes Wed too but I teach dance while he is gone. I can't believe my baby is ready to go to preschool but he sure does make a cute school kid!


Rhiannon said...

Win did they get so big! He's so stinkin' cute. What a kid and we love his school bag.

Lindsey said...

that is a really cute idea with the bag! He looks so cute!