Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer Life

Well this summer has just flown by. The whole family has been so busy its hard to keep up with little things like blogs. I finally got a chance to add some new scrapbook pages to my sidebar, since I noticed the latest one were from a year ago. I've also gotten my camera out, caught up (almost) on my scrapbooking, and been sewing. With dance class, Halloween, 2 birthdays, and a cruise just around the corner, things seem like they will keep up this exhausting pace. Here's a little about the family this summer.

Shydra: Shy has spent very little time at home this summer. She spent a week in Redmond, several weekends in Lehi, an extended weekend in Driggs Idaho and a week in Alaska. We are glad when she is home. I need to put pics of her trips but I need to get a hold of them first. Her time at home time has been spent practicing dance. She has worked hard and can now do both kinds of splits, lots of cool dance moves, and she can almost do both a back and front walkover. She tested at the end of last year at a 3rd grade reading level so I hope she hasn't lost to much over her crazy summer. She starts school in a little over a week and she is so excited to have the teacher she wanted. She loves dressing up:

Reed: Has spent most of the time at home but made several of the trips with his sister. He is into sleeping on the floor and telling the most outrages stories. He remembers every song he's ever heard and sings at the top of his lungs (even at 6 in the morning!) He starts preschool in the middle of September. He is most excited to wear his Mario shirt the first day, what a kid.

Dede: After completing Footloose and dance camp, I remembered that I have other hobbies too!! I've had some much fun reacquainting myself with crafting. I had oral surgery on Monday so I've spent a lot of time a home, which is great.

Eric: Has been busy at work building a shelf for his mom's classroom. He has lists of stuff lined up after that. He also recently bought himself some, well, second hand golf clubs and has spent some time practicing. He took Reed up to the driving range this week. Reed kept telling him all the things he was doing wrong. Here are some pictures from the experience:

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Rhiannon said...

Those are some good lookin' golfers and Shy looks amazing in her start glasses!