Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What a Weekend

For the Jorgensen family reunion, my mom got us each a 3 day pass to have a stay-cation in Salt Lake. The first stops were the Children's museum and the planetarium. I didn't have my camera yet since it was arriving with Eric later but here are some pictures of the rest of our crazy, fun-filled weekend.
The Tram: We went to Snowbird and went on the tram. That is me behind the camera, as always. I somehow didn't make it into any of the photos. But this is the rest of the gang:

Here are the kids at the top of the mountain. One of the rules was no rock throwing, can you think of anything harder for three crazy boys?

The next morning, off to the zoo. We had some more plans later in the afternoon but instead decided to take the kids back for a well-needed nap.
The Next morning we went to the Aquarium. Here are the kids touching the sting ray.

In the Afternoon on Saturday, some needed a nap but my dad, Eric, Kemarie, Shy, and I went to the gardens at Thanksgiving Point. I took extra pictures there since it is such a pretty place.
Here is Shy finding the Secret Garden:

Shy is such a great kid to photograph, she poses herself, lets me know where I should stand, and plans all the aspects of a photo!

She kept posing her grandpa in her photos too. He was a really good sport and they were buddies the whole time:

Last stop: The dinosaur museum

Thanks family for the great weekend!

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Rhiannon said...

We got a lot in and had a blast!