Saturday, March 7, 2009

I am . . .

I saw this on a couple of blogs and thought it was cute.

I AM... happy that it is Saturday
I WANT... more design cards for my die-cutting machine
I HAVE... been very blessed
I KEEP... everything Shydra has made at preschool, the pile is huge
I WISH I COULD... relax and not worry about other people’s choices
I HATE... not knowing
I FEAR... failure
I HEAR... Shy and Reed talking constantly and F16s
I DON'T THINK... we should ‘bail out’ people who made dumb choices in the first place
I REGRET... telling people ‘sure’ when I should have said ‘no!’
I LOVE... my husband, my kids, my life so much
I AM NOT... in the mood to clean my bathroom, any volunteers?
I DANCE... almost every day and get paid for it :)
I SING... in church to the primary kids every week
I NEVER... have been skiing and have no plans to go
I RARELY... remember that the only person I can change is myself
I CRY WHEN I WATCH... my babies sleep and see how much they grow everyday
I AM NOT ALWAYS... that patient
I HATE THAT... I can’t ever have a full dance class because someone is always sick!
I'M CONFUSED ABOUT... the economy
I NEED... spring! I’m so done with winter
I SHOULD.... not go to kohls and spend money, but I’m going to!!!
Everyone who wants to should try it!! Write down the 1st thing that comes to your mind.


Ashley said...

I don't have any plans to go skiing either. I guarantee I would end up in the ER about 30 minutes after showing up. Plus, skiing just sounds cold. Oh, one more thing, what would I wear? I would probably spend $200 on some kick-#$%, cute ski stuff and wear it once.

Devin and Lindsey said...

I love Kohls!