Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I feel like my life is so full of choices right now. Eric is constantly asking for advice on his project. Then when I give my opinion he always looks at me like I just demanded the hardest possible option. Why does he ask? I'm coming up with my new schedule for next year, and I can't decide what direction to go. Ahhhhh! So I'd like some advice. Please leave any and all comments you have on the following:

1 – I recently changed my bathroom colors to navy and yellow with polka dots. Now I have a very naked wall! Any ideas on what would be cute?

2- I’m not a huge music listener and I’m finding it hard to find good dancing music, any ideas?

3- I’m doing a dance summer camp and need to decide whether to charge $12 more and do T-shirts or not. Its so hard for me to ask for money, especially in this economy.
4- Last and defiantly least important. Who’s everyone’s favorite on “Dancing with the Stars?’ I just love this show!


Ashley said...

I thought Shawn Johnson & Melissa from the Bachelor were pretty good. Maybe make T-shirts an option. I bet most parents will get them, but then they have a choice. Good luck!

Bree said...

I hate choices also!! I'm deciding right now what teams will use hairpieces and which ones won't...just one more thing to buy, right?!lol I do like the option idea, though:) Finding dance music is THE WORST!! I use a lot of the disney cd's, they have a lot for older kids as well as younger!I'm glad to know there is someone else out there that has the same issues as I do, kind of crazy! I feel your pain, Good Luck

Oh bytw,
Dancing with the stars...soooo good!! I can't pick a favorite yet, but melissa was awesome! I really liked most of them!

Kemarie said...

Try Kidz BOP they take regular songs and make them approeite and sing them. P.S. GO Shawn Johnson!

Rhiannon said...

I wish I could get the time to watch dancing with the stars. It's on my DVR calling my name, I just can't get to it. As for the music, Gage and I dance every day. Our favorites are Let it Rock, Mercy, Black Horse and a Cherry Tree, So What, Accidentally in Love and Starry Eyed Surprise. They all have fun beats and I'm not worried about the lyrics. Don't know what to tell you about your bathroom, I'm so bad at that. And I like Ash's idea about the T-shirts.