Wednesday, June 4, 2008

6 random things

1- I have creative a.d.d. I like to scrapbook but I can only do it in small increments and with pictures I really love. Then I have to stop and not look at anything with paper for weeks. I move on to sewing, dancing, or something else creative. I just can’t stick with any one thing for a long time.
2- I love the Harry Potter books. I got really into the series and am sad that it is over. I’m not a huge twilight fan though. The books are okay but a little sappy for me.
3- I love living where we do. It feels like a quiet little town but it is 10 minutes to Layton and Ogden and fun shopping. I like knowing all the neighbors and the ward is great. Shy also has a great best friend and that helps. I even love hearing and seeing the jets fly over the house.

4- I was the highest graduating student in my degree but have never felt the need to use it. I always planned on using my minor (dance) and being a mom. I guess I did communications so that I would have something to fall back. Who knows?
5- I have a fear of the telephone. That sounds funny and of course I don’t have any problem talking to the people I know but I hate calling somebody, anybody I don’t. From costumer service to people in the ward. I just get so stressed about it.
6- I love snail mail. I love getting stuff like cards and newsletters rather than just bills especially my grandma J's cards! I’m also into sending things that might make someone happy. Mostly pictures of the kids. Since Rhiannon introduced me to the blog scene, I’ve been pretty entertained but there is nothing like opening the mailbox and getting something fun!

This is a hard tag and since I’m sure most people have done it I’ll just tag my two sisters


Jeff & Jerri said...

thanks now i have to figure out what to write!

Rhiannon said...

Cute scrapbook pages. I'm glad you tagged Kemarie. We need to give her something to post more often!