Friday, May 30, 2008

Zoo Trip

Every year we take a trip to the Hogle Zoo. We love watching the kids faces as they find all the fun animals. Reed knows more animal names then we thought he did! We all took our annual "lions mouth" picture.

Shy's favorite part was the bird show. This year we got there early and sat in the front/middle. The birds would get right up close and personal. This a picture of her waiting. she was in good spirits all day!

Reed's favorite the whole time was the "chomp-chomps" (crocodiles) he saw the white one first and he thought that was cool because he moved (apparently he only does that once or so a week). Then at the croc exhibit he got down on his knees and made himself comfortable because he was staying!


Rhiannon said...

Fun! Shy looks a lot like you did when you were little in that picture of her waiting for the bird show. I love Reed sitting on the "Chomp-Chomp." Looks like it was a good day. Your pics are way cute.

April said...

Dede, Hello! Wow, so much can happen in just a few years! Your family is beautiful! I am glad to see that you are doing so well. It will be fun to stay in touch through our blogs.

Jeff & Jerri said...

Shy's hair is so cute! Reed was so funny with the "chomp chomp"! You saw the white croc. move? we didn't when we went!

Ashley Taylor said...

Yeah, too bad we didn't coordinate our zoo trips. Fun day though! I'm glad to hear that the alligator isn't a fake. I've seen that thing like 3 times. It is yet to move.