Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dining Room Finished

Eric finished all his projects in the dining room, it started out as shadow boxes and a column to divide the space but turned into door frame, tray ceilings, crown molding, decorative beam, and canned lights.  When Eric does a project, he means business!  So after a month of dust, bangs, and constant construction, I think he has finally given the room his stamp of approval and yes, I like it too.
After: (you can also see the new hardwood floors Eric installed and Upholstered furniture that he finished a couple months ago)
Tray Ceilings/Can Lights:
Crown Lights that wrap around the entire floor:
 This door frame is particularly special because it is made mostly of the moldings pulled out of Eric's grandma's house and they are over 100 years old and repurposed.

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