Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fall 2013

It looks like time is getting the better of most every blogger but... I really love looking at my blog with my kids, and if I don't post anything, I will have nothing to look back on. :)  Eric and I have been hard at work at our little projects and I keep thinking I'm going to wait until we are done to post pictures.  Then I realized, we seem to never be done!  But here are some of our happenings this fall. (warning, super long post!)

Grandma and Grandpa Redmond took us to the Dino museum up the canyon in Ogden.  The kids had tons of fun learning and hanging out with family! There may have also been a football game on that day.


Halloween came and went with the usual craziness at our house.  I decided this year to focus on the fun rather than take a lot of pictures.  Here we are at one of the few new things we tried this year, The Tracy Aviary.  It was a little unorganized but not crowded and most important, the kids had fun.

Shy and Eric went to the "Daddy, Daughter Date."  From the princess pictures they brought home, it seemed like they had a good time.  Eric and Reed knocked on the door with roses and Reed took me to dinner while they were gone.

Shy started her second year of spectrum now as a 4th grader and Reed started 1st grade.  They are both doing really well.  Reed has a hard time remembering to eat his lunch and take his time on his work but the teachers have also recommended him for the elite spectrum program so we will have to think about this for him.  I found out today that these two share a recess and they will often play together.  They love walking to and from school together too.  They really are best friends (most of the time!)

I sure do love these two.  One day they decided to make a real Plants vs Zombies game, the Squinkies version.  They played this for a couple of hours.
Sticking with the theme... Reed's birthday was also Plants vs. Zombies.  My sister was spending the night at our house and helped me make this cake as a surprise.

We took the kids and their cousin Max to Kangaroo Zoo in Ogden.  They had a great time but were pretty tired of it by the time we had to go.


I love that my boys share a birthday.  This year Reed blew out the candles right after they were lit, before any one had the chance to sing.  This is him feeling guilty about not letting his dad share.

Eric made a couple of dresser for my sister over the summer but we forgot to take pictures of the final project.  Eric was too large to put in the last couple of nails, so he recruited this cute helper.  He is starting her on power tools already!


We spent a long weekend in St. George to take some new born pics of my sister's new, sweet baby.  While we were there we did a "13 days of Halloween."  Reed enjoyed swinging the most, shocking.

Shy is always a good sport to try most anything.

This is my cute cousin that came down with us for the weekend.  It was so much fun having her there because she is so awesome but after spending 8 hours in the car with my kids, I don't know that she will want to come with us again. :)

We took our annual trip to the zoo.  We went around the zoo counter clockwise right at opening and basically had the place to ourselves!

You knew it was coming:  DIY!  The section Eric likes to call, "What crazy things does my wife have me doing now?" Well . . .
1- Coffered ceiling in the living room.  Apparently working over your head for hours at a time is not so fun.  But they look great, so it must have been worth it!  :)
2- Wall Sconces for the living room and . . .
3- Bedroom
4- Molding on our master tray ceiling
5- Reed's racing stripe
6- Shy's headboard
7- Shy's crown molding.  We had some left from the living room, and yes she wanted it pink, who wouldn't???
8- Wood wrapped windows and wood window sills

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