Saturday, June 8, 2013

Taking a Break!

I thought I would take a second and hang out inside with the air conditioning for a little while.  We have been spending so much time outside that I forgot how nice it was to just sit for awhile.  We have been putting in our yard this last spring and with the furlough looming we have done everything ourselves to save a little money from pouring our own cement pavers to putting in our own sprinkler system.  Oh, who am I kidding, furlough or not we would do it ourselves.  Here is a look at some of the progress.  Granted we still have a lot we would like to do, like a backyard, but we are very happy so far.
Pride and Joy:
This is where we have been spending most of our time.  Its the area between the circled driveway that is not really front yard or side yard.  We didn't want more to mow so we came up with this.  I love it!

If you love the electrical box in the photo, you can have it! Really we don't mind, just come take it!

These are the pavers we poured by hand.  And of course we added some bling:

Eric poured these columns and since it was an experience in trial and error, some were lucky enough to get poured twice!

The child magnet:

 The front flower bed.  In the near future there will be a bench in the vacant place:

Some of our many, many stairs:

Here is as much of the whole yard that I could get without sitting on the neighbors house.  You will have to give our lawn a little slack, it was only planted 4 weeks ago and by planted, I mean planted. 

What we (finally) decided to do with some of our endless amount of mow strip.

Who makes there own curbing?  That would be us.  But what makes it time consuming also makes it unique, love this too! 

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