Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy for Handy

In this month of Thanksgiving I am thankful for so many things: My awesome family, our health, this beautiful new house to name a few.  But today, I am thankful for possibly the most handy husband in the world.  We finished our basement about 3 weeks ago and didn't have to hire a single person.  We recruited family and Eric spent tons of hours down stairs to finish it by ourselves.  Not only is this the cheapest option, you get everything done just like you want it.  I have been so spoiled with getting things made custom!  So what has Eric been doing since he finished?  Not resting, here are some of the DIY house improvements we have been working on.  We still have so many things on the list so Thanks honey for being awesome!!!

Window sills for the kitchen and dance studio.  He didn't buy the molding, he actually made it.  I am in charge of grouting the top row of tile, which is why it is not done :)

TV stand for the Craft Room

Art Desk for Shys room and installing her chandelier

Toy bin for Shy's closet
Toy Bin for Reed's Room

Wiring in and installing the chandelier over the bath tub

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Rhi said...

Impressive! We need to get our husband together to work on our houses! Imagine what they could do (or ruin)!