Friday, September 7, 2012

New House

Well we moved in on our promise date which is good because its more work from here building a dance studio and making it (somewhat) workable in a couple of weeks!  On that note, very little of my house is getting put together but I have had lots of requests for pictures so here are a few things that are (close to) finished. 


Entry Way:

French doors between dinning room and formal living room:

Coat/backpack hooks:

I have only been in our house for 3 days but I love all the little things Eric did to make our awesome custom cabinets.  We added lots of great things but here are a few cool ones:
Pull out trash:

Spice rack:


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Ashley said...

Looks great! I am so happy for you guys. And, may I say, go Eric! Who knew he was such a top-notch carpentry guy?!? Impressive!