Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pieces of our house!

So instead of posting the whole house, I wanted to wait for the outside to look a little more finished.  So I decided to post pieces of of some of our favorite things as we go along.  Our house is located just 1 block from Shydra's old school.  So a lot of her friends are just down the street.  And we attended the ward on Sunday and everyone was awesome so we cant wait to move in

So here is a sneak peak:

This is Eric's "Garage-mahal"  You cant see the corners of it from this pictures but our entire old house could fit in this garage!  It has 17 ft ceilings (crazy story about how this happened but that is a story for another post) and Eric is so excited to have some work space.

Our fire place was a last min addition but they sold me when they said they could frame it out the back and I wouldn't loose any room space.  The framers gave us a free alcove for decorations above it which is really nice.

We added french doors from our formal living room into our dinning room so that when company comes we can make a big entertaining area but when the dishes aren't done, we can close it! :)

Hopefully as things start speeding up we can update more!  We are suppose to be in the first of September. . . we will see.

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