Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

On the Sixth day of Halloween we went on a Haunted boat ride on the Provo River.  We love KSL daily deals and an awesome grandma that treats us to fun things!

On the seventh day of Halloween we went to the Barnyard Boo at Thanksgiving point.  Tip for Halloween: If you go as soon as a place opens, you beat all the crowds!!!  We never had to wait in line.

On the eighth day of Halloween we went spooky miniature golfing, again thanks to KSL deals.  Devin said it should have been the ninth day because there were nine holes but by nine, I don't really care to much :)

Best part, Cheese Fries and having the whole place to yourself to run around after your game of golf!

On the ninth day of Halloween the kids had their dance class party... since I'm the one throwing it, its not cheating, right?

On the eleventh day of Halloween we went to the base for their celebration.  The line for the trunk-or-treat wrapped around the building which was really great for us.  Since we were going to a trunk-or-treat later (and really, do we need more candy?) we skipped it and went right to the games.

On the twelfth day of Halloween we carved family pumpkins.  We were sad that they didn't grow to well in the garden.  Eric and I are really terrible gardeners!  But they ended up cute and little!

 Getting ready for number thirteen tonight but just to add: both kids had class parties, we went to the Syracuse pumpkin walk and trick-or-treated at Kent's today.  So much for 13!  Ever wonder how I get my kids to match with out complaining, threaten to take away the 13 days of Halloween.  I guess then the question would be who would miss it more  :)


Rhi said...

What!?! We need to move closer so we can get in on some fun! Looks like you had a blast!

Rhi said...

PS . . . We've had your blog up all day with the music cranked so we can listen to Halloween music!