Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What's been going on here

We went to the Big Blue Bash on Saturday.  I asked Reed if he wanted a picture with a football player.  He said, "No I want one with that cheerleader!"  What are we going to do with him.  It was really nice because it was almost like a motivational conference.  After having a bad week it actually made me feel better  :)

We had a blast waiting for everyone to park

We had a really yummy dinner at the Lion House Restaurant

Meeting Starting Running Back Bryan Kariya

Shy's first day of school went great.  Of course she is doing fabulous in second grade.  I didn't want to get the standard first day pictures so we took a little snap shot of how our morning went. 

Waking up

Getting Dressed

New Accessories

Good Luck phone call from Dad

She insisted on making her bed (see awesome just like I said)

She was so excited, all she would eat is a granola bar

I took a picture of her getting her hair done but it didn't turn out

The Finale Product


Rhi said...

We wish we could have made it up the the Big Blue Bash. It looks like tons of fun! Shy looks so big. Hope she has a great time!

Ashley said...

We almost went to the Big Blue Bash. Now I totally wish we would have. It would have been great to see you! Shy looks adorable on her first day. I still get giddy with excitement for a new school year.