Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ten Years

When Eric first brought up the idea of marriage, I really did not want to think of matrimony. I knew I loved him but I was only twenty! I worried about what I would not be able to do because I got married so young. Turns out, nothing. I married the most amazing and supportive man. I made the best decision of my life. I love him so much. We just made a digital copy of our wedding video. It so fun watching it and remembering such an amazing day and an amazing ten years.
A cute little couple in our ward went out and did
anniversary pictures. It was such a cute idea that Eric and I are going to do some to so stay tuned for that post. For today, I'm going to wait for Eric to get off of work and then go on our little get away. I love you Eric, Happy Ten Years!


The Jolley Family said...

Happy anniversary!

Lara said...

Congrats! It was fun being engaged together. :) Just a couple days ago when I was looking for engagement/honeymoon pictures to scan, I actually stumbled across your wedding announcement. You guys are perfect for each other!