Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mount Rushmore

Shy was asked to do a project in school about a National Symbol. Of course she gets Mt Rushmore! Not the Washington Monument or the Grand Canyon, she had to get the most complicated one. Well she could either draw a picture or make a 3d model and of course she wanted to do a model. (The other kid who got Mount Rushmore stuck a bunch of clay on a board then glued a picture of the Presidents to it) Well I'm not one of those parents that do the project for their kids so they look better, so I let her get to work. Eric had to make a board and I had to get the clay in a general shape because it was pretty stiff for little hands then she went to work. She did such a cute job and got full marks!
I got in so much trouble from little Shy on St. Patrick's Day! No leprechauns visited our house and left money or footprints or a mess. I just don't get St. Patrick's Day, sorry. I did do her hair in cute little clovers. It was just not enough! Looks like I'm not winning in 'mom of the year' awards!

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Rhi said...

So I'm not sure what I am more impressed with . . . the Mt. Rushmore sculpture or Shy's St. Patricks day hair! Wow your fam has talent!