Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A trip to the instacare

The family went for a drive on Sunday. When we got home, Reed went around the car and just as he got to Shy's side of the car, her door flew open pegging him right in the forehead. It gave him a nice gash. We called the 24 hour Wee Care and the soonest they could get him in was ten. So Eric took a band aid and pulled it tight across his skin trying to close the wound until then. That combined with ice and Motrin so the swelling went down, made it close up nicely. When we got to the doctor, he said he would only need to glue it, no stitches!! That means he is less likely to scar. Yea for Eric and his quick thinking (and my mom who told us ice and Motrin!) He still came home looking like he had been in a war and we can't get it wet for a couple of days but all in all, it turned out way better then it could have!

Our little guy, he was so good at the doctor he never cried. Best of all he got like 5 suckers!!!

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