Monday, November 29, 2010

In Twenty Min

Reed is such a busy, funny little boy. At his Thanksgiving Day feast at preschool, I volunteered to help out. As we neared the end of class, Reed looked up from the table and announced, "When I get home from preschool, my dad beats me." His teacher and I were shocked! We both were, like, I don't think he would do that. But he insisted. When we got home from lunch we pulled into the driveway about a min before Eric in his truck pulled up. Reed announced, "Haha, today I beat daddy after preschool!" He probably wondered why everyone would get so worked up over his and his daddy's race to get home for lunch!!! I made sure to tell his preschool teacher so we wouldn't get reported. His joy in life is to make us laugh, and he does so all the time.

I wanted to take the day to capture some pictures of Reed being Reed. Well 20 min in his world and I got 50 pictures! He is so busy and active. He kept telling me what to take pictures of and what to do and where to go. I wanted to share some of those moments.


The Jolley Family said...

Such a cute little guy, and I'm glad it was just a race home for lunch he was taking about! Haha!

Me said...

Ok, that made me pause for a minute trying to figure out what he might be trying to say. It's so funny after you figure out what they are talking about and it makes perfect sense! What a character! Those pictures capture him perfectly!