Friday, October 8, 2010

More Halloween Fun

We've spent the past week doing a number of fun Halloween activities. First we went to Frightmares as our way of saying goodbye to Lagoon this year. We have had such a blast with our season passes the whole summer. I didn't bring my camera. I have taken it to Lagoon already so we decided to not haul around a camera the whole day. Shy is so brave. She got to ride on some of her favorite rides again (wicked, spider etc) She was never nervous of any of the scary elements either. Reed had fun too. He got to go on all his favorites too. We also painted sun catchers, colored pictures, and tonight we went to the Treehouse Museum's Enchanted Woods. The kids were so great, they sat still and listen to each story with such patients and participated whenever asked. And they are so cute too! Here are the only pictures I've taken from all four events:

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