Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Buddy Time

When I first volunteered to help with Shy's class on Tuesday, we weren't sure what we would do with Reed. The teacher said I could bring him with but he is all boy and there is little we can do to contain his energy. So we decided that day Eric would take his lunch early every Tuesday. Since then, Reed and Dad have developed something called "Buddy Time." It is so cute, every Tuesday when Reed hears the garage open he starts jumping up and down yelling, "Buddy Time, Buddy Time!" They do all different things during Buddy Time. Sometimes they read or play games, sometimes they run errands or talk. The two consistencies are that they 1) go get a treat and 2) they do everything together. This is what they did today, shoveled the walk together. Right before Eric heads back to work, Reed gives him a big hug and starts talking about Buddy Time next week. I'm so grateful that Eric has a job that enables him do this kind of thing. I can see how close he is to our kids and that is so great!

For the ward Christmas party, they made us dress up in Biblical Clothes so I took a picture before we left. Reed wanted to be a king and Shy, of course, an angel.


Rhiannon said...

Boys love to do things with their dad, especially when treats are involved! I like the costumes!

Lindsey said...

what a cute idea! You guys look cute in your biblical clothes!