Friday, July 10, 2009


I ended my week long summer intensive with my dance girls and I'm am so tired. I started a mom and tot class which is really fun but the most exhausting class I've ever done!!! So I started teaching at nine and didn't get done until two everyday this week. Plus I'm doing a community play next month and rehearsals are in full swing. It is a really big dancing show so I have been there every day but Monday dancing for three hours!!! I haven't danced this much since Drill Team camp, well maybe when the Limon dance company came to Weber. Either way I had a great time but I am so glad its over. Sorry, no pictures for this blog, my camera is way over there and I don't think I can get up! :)


Rhiannon said...

I want to see pictures! I bet your glad it's over!!

Ashley said...

Tell Eric to go and rent you some movies and chill on the couch all weekend. You deserve it!

Autumn said...

I wish that we lived closer, when Saige gets to that age I am sending her to you!