Sunday, July 26, 2009

24th Celebrations

The kids got to spend the whole week at Grandma's house in Redmond. They had so much fun down there that they weren't ready to leave. Eric and I went down on the 23rd to pick them up and stayed for the 24th celebrations. Is there anywhere else like Redmond on the 24th?

Waiting for the Parade:

The great thing about the parade coming back a second time is that you can watch it once, and then be in it!

I think we ate at the park almost every meal!

Right before we left, we headed up to Maple Grove to have a picnic with the family. While we were there, I took pictures of Amber's family and their new baby, Jenna. It was lots of fun.


Rhiannon said...

Hey, looks like fun! Sorry we missed you. Amber's family pics turned out really well!

Ashley said...

Cute pictures. I love Redmond on the 24th!

Devin and Lindsey said...

Looks like fun!! That is fun that Shy and Reed got to ride in the parade. How lucky!! Cute family pics!