Tuesday, May 12, 2009

These two

Life has been pretty busy for the past couple of weeks getting a table done and having a recital in a few short weeks but I had a few minutes so I thought I would post some fun pictures of the cute things my kids do to make me laugh.

I made cupcakes for the kids last week. Reed disappeared before finishing his. When he came back we couldn't get him to tell us where he went, we have a strict 'eat in the kitchen' rule. So we just followed the trail of chocolate, up the walls to the book shelf and straight to the frog's little cage. It was covered in chocolate. He then got Reed to confess that he had decided to share his cupcake with his frog. Its been a week and the frog is still hanging in there so it looks like he survived his brush with chocolate.

For Mother's day, Shy decided she would paint my finger nails for me. She took it so seriously and was so nervous. She did such a great job. For the next two days, she told her preschool teacher, her church leaders, a couple of her friend’s moms, and all of her grandmother's 'Happy Mother's Day!" It was so cute and brought a smile to everyone’s face. Any time she handed me something all day she would yell it. She is so thoughtful and such a sweetheart!


Ashley said...

Classic. I'm glad you took time to take a couple of photos before you sent him to (what I can imagine) a very long time-out.

Rhiannon said...

That face of Reed has guilty written all over it! Tell Shy I want my fingernails done when I see her next!

Kemarie said...

my fingernails too! tell reed for me that he was very thoughtful and good job.