Sunday, February 22, 2009

Looking Back

I needed to write down something I’ve been feeling for the past couple of weeks so forgive me if I rant.

It was three years ago next month that Eric found out that he was offered the job that he is working now. Well I started thinking about the differences between then and now and it makes me feel so lucky!!! In Logan, Eric went to school for three or four hours in the morning, came home for 'homework time' in the afternoon, then off to work: 50 hours a week, Mon-Sat! I was home with a baby by myself with no real friends. It was a hard couple of years.

Jump to three years later. Eric has worked 2, yep 2, full five-day work weeks since before Thanksgiving. He is home by three everyday, has every other Friday and all holidays off and never takes his work home (in fact it's quite illegal!) Possibly best of all, he has job security. In this economy, you can’t complain about that! The ward here is awesome except for the massive amount of baby showers that I’m invited to attend and I have some really great friends close by. My parents are close enough that I can cruise down for the day the zip right back. We have space, we didn’t have THAT in our tiny apartment. I own my own business, doing what I love best and my kids don’t have to go to a baby sitter, just hang out with dad! All and all I feel very blessed. I wanted to tell myself that as I face a five-day work week ahead, I know, poor me!


Rhiannon said...

You have gone from one extreme to the other. You guys deserve it! I love the "feeted" quote from your little ones!

Brandon and Britney said...

Lucky you! I only hope we can be so lucky some day. Good luck with the 5-day work week! :)

Devin and Lindsey said...

I can't wait until Devin is out of school. I'm glad that you didn't have friend in Logan. I really don't too much either. :( Someday we'll be out of this place. I just hope we have it as good as you do.

Lacy said...

I know what you mean, my life is completely different than it was a few years ago! I think it is so cool you have your own dance studio- I think I could have predicted that about 10 years ago :-)