Sunday, January 4, 2009

At least she had fun

A couple of months ago one of the girls in dance class mentioned what they did for their birthday. Shy replied that she was going to Chuck E. Cheese for her Birthday in January. This was news to me! We had decided to do just one big friend party every other year and Shy had a big bash last year. But she had her little heart set on it, she invited just two friends and off we went. What a mess. That place is insane!!! I think all four kids (including Reed) had a blast but the food wasn’t great, the only tables not reserved were tiny, and the kids were all out of control. Oh well, what we don’t do for our kids.


Brandon and Britney said...

Happy Birthday Shydra! Also, cute new header. I love the picture!

Autumn said...

Great new picture Dede, I can't believe how fast they grow up, glad she had a great birthday.