Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sad Little Hair Cuts

Reed was born, or you could say cursed, with hair that stands strait up in the back and lays down more and more as you move towards the front. Although it can be controlled with gel (lots and lots of gel), his hair is so determined that in about an hour its back to sticking straight up! So I decided when he was a baby to just keep it really short. The downside: Every time I cut his hair, he ages! He seems to grow so slowly until the cut and then, bam, my little baby is my toddler then my toddler is my little boy etc! What’s a mother to do?


Rhiannon said...

It is sad to realize they are getting older! He's such a cute little nut. Did you ever find Shy's green haird teacher?

Kemarie said...

He will be a cute little man just think that! Ya what about your green haired teacher?

Megan said...

He is adorable!