Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I love Halloween #10

For the month of October I thought I would do my own top ten list of the reasons that I love Halloween and October. I'm going to try to space them out but it may end up being one today and the other nine like on the 30th but I'll give it a try.

I love Halloween #10: Pumpkins!
My number 10 is the bright orange squash that I love to see and yet hate to eat! Pumpkins seem to be the one thing that grew fantastic both years we've had the garden. I've decorate my whole house with the little pumpkins and carving pumpkins is a favorite family tradition. Too bad I think they're disgusting to eat, even in pie!


Brasher family said...

Cute, cute, cute pictures!!!

Ashley Taylor said...

I love the costumes! They are adorable! Did you make them? If you did, I'll be mad. People should not be that talented!

Your kids are great in front of the camera. I'm jealous!

Rhiannon said...

They turned out awesome. The costumes are great, the kids are cute, can't ask for more then that!

Camille Dumas said...

Hey Eric & Dede! I think you have such a cute blog and your kids are so cute in their costumes!