Saturday, August 2, 2008

Five and Ten Tag

I got tagged by Rhiannon (Dede Answers)

Ten Years Ago.....
I was about to start my senior year. I had just had my appendix out and still manage to make it to cheer camp (against Jackie’s recommendations I might add.) I was about to send off my missionary to Brazil, too bad that didn’t ever work out :) !

Five Years Ago.....
I was a stay at home mom to a 7 month old. Eric and I were living in Logan and I really didn’t care for it at all. Some people love Logan but I’m not one of those people. Eric went to school for 4 or 5 hours in the morning came home for about two hours (at which time he did homework), then went to work for eight hours. I felt really lonely. I’m much happier with the point of my life that I am at now!

Five Months Ago.....
I was stressing out about our latest enrichment activity in which we were putting on a full scale play and I was directing. I like being on stage much better than calling the shots! I was also working at a portrait studio but mostly being a mom to my two kids.

My List of Five Things To Do Tomorrow.....
1. Conduct in Relief Society, and hopefully be prepared
2. Get some studio stuff together and done
3. Attend Church
4. Get both kids to sleep at the same time (ha!)
5. A little sewing

Five Bad Habits.....
1. Thinking negatively
2. Not eating breakfast
3. Forgetting my scripture study
4. Having a short temper
5. Biting my nails

I tag Ashley, Mom, Britney, and Who ever!

Five & Ten
I got tagged by Rhiannon! (Shy's Answers)

Ten Years Ago.....
I was a cute little angel just waiting.

Five Years Ago.....
I was seven months old and just starting to crawl. I was spoiled rotten because I was the first grandchild for both grandparents.

Five Months Ago.....
I was in Ms. Kristen preschool and I liked that there was a play house thingy. I was in dance and I liked the ‘Fuzzy and Blue’ song. I wanted to learn to ride my bike with out training wheels, now I can! I spent lots of time playing and still do!

My List of Five Things To Do Tomorrow.....
1. See Braxton at church
2. Play with Reed-Reed
3. Share treats
4. Go to sunbeams
5. Play with my new beads

Five Bad Habits.....
1. Yelling loud
2. Hitting
3. Being on my naughty chair
4. Pick my nose
5. Talk back to mommy


Brandon & Britney said...

I can't believe it was 10 years ago that you were a senior and I was a freshman. Time flies.

Kemarie said...

i cant belive that 5 years ogo that shy was 7 monthes