Thursday, July 10, 2008

Trip down memory lane

Ashley had this on her blog, so I'll join in! Basically, this is a memory post.

In the comment section, leave a memory that you have about me, or something fun that we did together.

Then, in your blog, post the same thing and I'll leave a memory about you!
Let's see what we can remember in our old age!


Brandon & Britney said...

My memories are mostly with Kemarie, but I do remember you in Young Women's. You were a laurel and I always looked up to you. Thanks for your great example!

Rhiannon said...

A lifetime of memories to chose from. Well here's the first thing that comes to mind. Dress-up! Dressing up in the dance costumes at Grandma Lola's and jumping on the tramp or dressing up in Susie's old dresses and dancing to the organ in Grandma J's living room.

Ashley Taylor said...

Remember when we were freshman and decided to have a few friends over for a movie, but half of the school showed up instead! That was a fun night!

Also, remember when we watched Spice World over and over again! That has to be the lamest movie ever made.

Jackie Burr said...

How did we dare send you, Ashley, and Shauni off to New York City by yourselves when you were seniors in high school? Do you still have that gorgeous yellow cheer uniform? It's certainly a keeper!