Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What a Weekend

It was one crazy weekend around here. I use the term loosely because it went from last Friday to this Tuesday.

Shy had her dance recital on Friday night. She did really awesome and was really on top of everything. They did a ballet and a tap number. Grandma and grandpa Jorgensen, Kemarie, Devin, and Lindsey all came to support her.

Rhiannon, Brett and Gage came up for the weekend so Grandma took the mom's (and soon to be mom) and kids to the Children's Museum in Salt Lake while the boys went golfing for Father's Day. Eric came home claiming he had won because he got the highest score! The kids had a blast playing with all the stuff designed just for them.


Happy Father's day to our favorite daddy! This is Eric trying to play guitar with the two kids helping. It didn't work so well but that is how he is. He really bends over backwards to make our lives really great, we love you Eric!


It's been seven great years! Eric and I went to dinner and a play at the Hale Centre Theater for our anniversary. During this time, Grandma and Grandpa took Shy and Reed to a Bees Game. They both told stories about the game all the way home to Clinton! We also got a new niece that we are very excited about, Congrats!


Since Grandma Williams was up for the new baby, she wanted to take the kids for some fun before she headed home. So the crew went to 7 Peaks. The best part was when Shy talked grandma into going on the slides with her!

The kids have had a great but exhausting weekend. Thanks for all the fun everyone!


Rhiannon said...

And I thought we did a lot, you guys were busy! We enjoyed playing with you guys!

Ashley Taylor said...

That looks like a fun weekend! I love the pictures of Shydra in her dance costume. She is a mini version of you! Seven Peaks looks like fun, too. I haven't been there in forever...

Brasher family said...

It looks like you guys had a very busy, but great weekend! The pictures of Shydra in her costume are too cute!

Autumn said...

Wow what a busy weekend. The picture of Shy in her dance costume looks just like you! I am going to have to go the children's museum one day, that looks like so much fun. Glad you and Rhiannon got to hang out, sisters are the best.